Witty Bitty Bunch. Meet Pete, Paul, Joe, Kim, Jenny, and Mike. Get Witty Bitty Bunch Read and Rhyme worksheets that help your kids learn colors, numbers, counting, tracing, and more!

Meet the Characters!



Joe is a jolly, energetic lion. He is perhaps the nicest lion in the world! Joe is a loyal and trusted friend who is the sage of the Witty Bitty Bunch. He is the leader and provides guidance and emotional security to the group. Joe has exceptional language skills and is very skilled at rhyming. He can speak, write, and read in 27 different languages. Joe is featured his app Joe Has a Sore Toe.

Pete is a lovable boy with big feet who loves to travel to different places. He is quite proud of his big feet. He still has not learned how to tie his shoe laces. Pete is happy, personable, outgoing. In his interview Pete said, “I want to be an astronaut when I grow up so I can travel to the planets!” Pete loves to travel so much he built a special device called the Wingster, that allows him to fly. He intends to use the Wingster to fly to every country in the world. Pete is featured in his app Pete Has Big Feet.



Kim feels at home in the water and loves to swim. Sometimes she wishes she was a fish. Whether hot or cold, windy or calm, Kim loves to swim. Kim is courageous, daring, and is not afraid to take smart, calculated risks. Needless to say, Kim loves the environment and is making it her life long goal to help keep it clean. She said she wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up. Kim has a special gene that allows her to live and swim underwater like a fish. Kim is featured in her app Kim Likes to Swim.

Jenny, the math wiz, is a kind vibrant five year old girl. She can be shy at first but quickly warms up to anyone she feels can be a potential friend. Jenny is a good listener and loves to hear a good story. Jenny is a bit shy so, she did not want to do an interview. But she did say she wants to be a math professor at a university when she gets older. Jenny has superior math skills and many know her as a human calculator! Jenny is featured in her app Jenny Found a Penny.




Paul loves sports but basketball is his favorite. Paul has superior jumping ability and is the only five-year old known to have dunked a basketball. Needless to say, Paul has superior athletic ability and loves his skateboard. Paul also has exceptional art skills which he wants to use to design buildings. Paul is featured in his app Paul is Tall.

Mike is an adventurous boy and is not afraid to ride his bike on a new adventure. He loves his bike so much he sleeps with it and even rides it in his house—his mother does not like that too much! In a recent interview Mike stated that when he gets older he “wants to build space ships when I get older!” Mike has outstanding engineering skills. He used them to build a special bike that can comfortably fit six people and has super speed and invisibility. Mike is featured in his app Mike has a Bike.

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