Witty Bitty Bunch. Meet Pete, Paul, Joe, Kim, Jenny, and Mike. Get Witty Bitty Bunch Read and Rhyme worksheets that help your kids learn colors, numbers, counting, tracing, and more!


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The Witty Bitty Bunch is an app that introduce children to early literacy and social-emotional concepts. The series contains six characters; Pete, Kim, Joe, Mike, Paul, and Jenny and is comprised of the books, Pete Has Big Feet, Joe Has a Sore Toe, Kim Likes to Swim, Paul is Tall, Mike Has a Bike, and Kim Likes to Swim. The Witty Bitty Bunch app has been downloaded to homes and schools around the globe. Throughout the years, the series has become a trusted source for bed time reading, classroom instruction, and simple entertainment.


The series was written and illustrated by David Hollaway.


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